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A Dry Sea

Did you know that six million years ago the entire Mediterranean Sea nearly dried up?

“Big Stuff” like that is always hard to imagine, even for an earth scientist. I’ve seen dry rivers, dry lakes, and maybe a dry reservoir, but how can a whole sea 4000 meters deep and a couple 1000 km long vanish?

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Escape from Egypt

Are you familiar with the story of Exodus? About 4000 years ago, Moses led the Hebrew people out of Egypt.  They were however, closely pursued by Pharaoh’s chariots. The story states that some relative motion of water and land delayed or destroyed the Egyptian forces and allowed the Hebrews to escape.

We’ve all seen the Hollywood telling of this event in the “Ten Commandments”, where Charlton Heston splits the Red Sea for a while, then zips it back up over the tailing troops.


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