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To paraphrase Cramer on CNBC's "Mad Money", our aim is to inform and educate.  In this recurring blog, I will relate many of my personal experiences with the people, institutions, and events surrounding damaging earthquakes, here in the US and internationally. 

Let me start by introducing myself.  In addition to my current position as a Professor at the University of California, I am also an External Professor at the Santa Fe Institute where the science of complex systems got its start.  I have been a researcher and educator in earthquake and natural hazard science for the past 35 years.   I started out in the science of geophysics in the 1970's when we all thought that earthquake prediction would be a reality within 5 years. I've seen promising ideas come and go, and then come around again.  Along with all of you, I've seen the rise of the internet and modern networking technology, and how it has impacted science, society, and world affairs. 

And by the way, I should tell you that our President and CEO, Bill Graves, knows a thing or two about the internet.  He was the first CEO of cisco systems, the networking company that is largely responsible for the birth and growth of the world wide web as we know it today.

On the research front, there have been failures and there have been successes.  These sucesses, if communicated to the public, have the potential to save lives and property.  Here at Open Hazards, it's our goal to use the power of the internet to give you, the public, the information that you need.  By doing this, we hope to encourage a new era of personal risk management, where all of us will have the information and tools we need to build communities that are truly disaster-resilient.


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