OpenHazards Accurately Predicted Today's Earthquake in Taiwan

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The Open Hazards Group accurately predicted the damaging earthquake that struck Taiwan Saturday evening at 9:02 pm. A screen shot of the forecast shows the forecast details. The contour plot shows earthquake probability and the blue marker depicts the epicenter of the actual quake.  The forecast was posted to our website before the earthquake occurred.  An aftershock forecast will be available on our website after midnight California time when our site updates worldwide forecasting.

Taiwan Forecast

Early reports from global seismic data collection sites indicate the epicenter is about 90 miles (145 km) south of T’ai-pei, just off the eastern coast near Hua-lien. Initial reports indicate several deaths and injuries. forecasts damaging earthquakes worldwide. We provide a free, open, and independent assessment of hazard and risk due to major earthquakes, using a self-consistent, global, validated methodology.

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