3 Steps to Seismic Safety

Step 1: Know Your Risk

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Protecting your home begins with information.

Every year, earthquakes cost tens of thousands of lives and billions of dollars in damage. Properly preparing for the threat of an earthquake is critical — but it's not the only challenge facing your family. It's important to use your money the best way you can to help them. That means understanding how much danger an earthquake really poses to your home, and how preparing for one fits into the bigger picture of your family's situation.

You need answers to two questions:

What are the odds that a major earthquake may strike your home? You've come to the right people. Open Hazards is the world leader in reliable earthquake forecasting. As a quick example of our most basic tool, type your location into the box below and click 'Go'.


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How much damage could a major earthquake do to your home? An earthquake won't affect all homes the same way! A lot depends on the size of the house, the ground it was built on, and the way it was constructed. Some houses face more risk from earthquake-triggered "secondary hazards" like landslides and tsunamis.

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