Seismic Safety Report

OpenHazards Reports: Save thousands for less than $40

For homeowners, property owners and renters

You need reliable information and advice. How safe are your loved ones, home, and belongings from earthquakes? What options do you have to reduce your risk?

For conscientious homeowners, property owners, and renters, OpenHazards provides a detailed earthquake forecast and home safety assessment. Decide on the most dependable and cost-effective steps to mitigate your risk. With an OpenHazards Seismic Safety Report, the information you need is at your fingertips.

Personalized safety score: Based on your location’s earthquake risk and details you provide about your home — because you know your home best.

Earthquake forecasts: Based on the world’s leading scientific methodology. Find out the chance a major earthquake will affect your home within 1, 5, 10 and 30 years.

Insurance facts: In plain English. Understand what earthquake insurance covers and the probability your damage will exceed a typical deductible. We provide you with the numbers to decide if investing in insurance makes sense for you.

Risks explained: Easy-to-understand explanations of earthquake hazards and tips for improving safety. We will point you to the most reliable sources of information on how to reduce your risk.

Dynamic updates: Based on current earthquake activity, your forecast may change. We will provide quarterly reports for one year to alert you to your newly increased or reduced risk.

And more — just view a sample report and see. SAMPLE REPORT.PDF

Your home may be worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. Earthquake insurance could cost $1,500 a year. Peace of mind for your family is priceless. Make informed decisions about your risk with an OpenHazards Seismic Safety Report.

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