Taiwan Earthquake Update

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Here's our first update on the December 19, 2009 Taiwan earthquake: OpenHazards Group, Inc. has translated reports from the China Times, which features excerpts from other Chinese newspapers.

Taipei, which is about 90 miles from the epicenter, briefly suspended all transportation, which has now resumed. Taipei reports no major damage or fatalities. However, its water towers toppled, and falling debris injured many people. In the city of Hua Lien, windows were broken but there are currently no reports of fatalities. As many as seven large aftershocks have been reported.

Strong shaking was reported by several cities affected by the quake, including Hua Lien (nearest to the epicenter), Yi Liau, Tai Dong (East of Taiwan), Ni Lan, Yun Lin, Chon Hua, Cha Yi and Tai Chung (Central Taiwan).

The exact location of the earthquake is 23.763°N, 121.689°E. The depth of the event was calculated at 27.7 miles (44.6 km). The USGS now has a “Did You Feel It?” map online, which shows where the shaking occurred.


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