Magnitude 5.7 Earthquake in Lassen Park

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We just had a M5.7 earthquake in Lassen Volcanic Park at 8:47:07 pm PDT. 

Felt some shaking here on second story floors in Davis. 

It occurred in a fairly remote area (screenshot).

A few aftershocks also occurred. 

More updates later if futher activity occurs.


UPDATE:  As of 2:30 pm local time friday May 24, we are hearing that the earthquake was widely felt in northern California, particularly in the foothills and in the Sacramento region.

Dozens of aftershocks have occurred, but there have been no reports of any significant damage. Mercalli intensities of VII have been reported in the source region.  To the south in Davis and Sacramento, Mercalli intensities of II-III seem to be common.

Earthquakes in volcanic areas are sometimes associated with the onset of volcanic unrest.  The last such series of events associated with Mt. Lassen occurred during the years 1914-1917, but as yet there is no evidence that similar events may occur today.


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