At the UN Conference on Disaster Risk Reduction

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First day of the meeting today. Leaving the hotel this morning was interesting.  There are some 30 heads of state attending the conference, along with 100 ministerial delegations.  One of the heads of state is staying at our hotel, and bodyguards are in evidence. Just leaving the hotel this morning in a taxi was challenging, since embassy vehicles and other official cars choked the drive in front of the hotel.

Once we got to the meeting, we had to negotiate the security, the usual group of protestors present at all United Nations functions, and finally into the meeting hall, the Sendai International Center.  Formally, I am a part of the International Science Delegation, whose leader is Professor Gordon McBean, the President of the International Council for Science.  

As is usually the case at all meetings like this, free coffee was a big draw.  The food court was packed with delgates.  Some pictures below.


Above, the JAXA booth, the Japanese Space Agency



Booth for the International Council on Science.  Nora Papp, who works in the ICS office in Paris, is at right.



Delegates in the food court, just prior to the Plenary opening session.




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